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These questions keep me awake at night and help me wake up in the morning. If they do the same to your circadian rhythm, I’d love to hear from you!

How can we slow down the rate at which the brain deteriorates? e.g. through the use of DMT? It has been found that the volume of the brain declines with age at a rate of ~5% per decade after age 40. The rate of decline speeds up especially after age 70. Assume by 2070 human life expendency reaches 150. If we can slow down brain deterioration we can get exponentially more things done in our lifetime.

How are qualia constructed computationally? Qualia can perhaps be understood as “tainted” representations of our sensory data composed with information about our physiology and mental states. Chemical compounds that interact with G protein-coupled receptors (e.g. 5HT2A) such as THC, LSD, DMT, etc, are able to alter our subjective experience significantly, causing qualia to be constructed slightly differently (or vastly depending on the dosage). From a functional programming perpsecitve, this is akin to performing transformation at a semantic level. This begs the question, can we study qualia as a typed system? Are qualia consumed by a meta-circular interpreter which is how awareness manifests itself? How can we construct new forms of qualia by combining psychedelics with brain-computer interface for a more integrated human-machine symbiosis?

Is there “an outside”? Our world is a strange one. Anyone with an appreciation for maths, or physics, biology, etc, would agree. And what makes it even stranger is this subjective experience of being that is a whole world of its own. That makes one wonder, is there “an outside” to this whole thing? If we as a species can come to our senses that there is something more to this world, and that what we experience in each of our existence is but a small part of something much greater shared by all sentient beings, will we then be able to collectively reduce all unnecessary suffering in this world (which is perhaps not a feature but a bug)… and reach the other side?

What is music? Music is one of the greatest things in this world and yet nobody truly understands it. Do higher forms of consciousness (e.g. Type Ω civilization) enjoy a class of abstractions that is the equivalent of music in this category?