5th May 2019: The Lawnmower Man (1992)

by archywillhe

Bizarre and Strange.

Transiting between scenes of pure CG and partial CG (Augmented Reality) and no CG at all, The Lawnmower Man (directed by Brett Leonard and based on a Stephen King novel) tells the story of the dichotomy nature of science research for humanity using the military budget with evil higher-ups that care only about wars and weapons perhaps as a representation that embodies the negative sentiment towards America’s ever-inflating defence budget.

The film is ultimately a head-nod to French philosopher Jean Baudrillard‘s notion of hyperreality and it was done so in a way that encapsulated more of 90s’ popular understanding (or misunderstanding) of technology and computers and human intelligence, and ended up aligning pretty well with pop culture while diluting the philosophical aspects of the film. On the other hand it was one of the first films that helped to popularise the notion of Virtual Reality with VR goggles, full body tracking, etc, which made the film retain a somewhat cultural significance besides being just another cliché equation-applying Hollywood production for box office.

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