4th April 2018: Shame (2011)

by archywillhe

Relationship. Marriage. Sex. Pornography. Solitude. Kinship. Sadness. Desires. Fuck-ups. We all live our lives wanting something as we try to run away from something else. But precisely what we want and what we want to run away from are often preconceived by the mind with ill-formed lines such that they stay ambiguous throughout existence. Every time we fell we grew a little wiser.

Shame (directed and co-written by Steve McQueen) puts together a melancholic piece on the existential struggle of being human as we try to cope with life itself. Each of the Bach pieces in it blends in very well with the scenes, adding a subtle touch to the overall composition.

A very good film to watch for the ones who have slightly gotten used to being single but not quite life itself.

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