3rd July 2018: 愛のむきだし / Love Exposure (2008)

by archywillhe

Amid the silliness and quirkiness and symbolism and dramatisation is a heart-warming story about family and hopeless romanticism, one revolving around the idealism of meeting the one. Oh as the end credits rolled in and Hollow Me by Yura Yura Teikoku began to play, I found myself in tears. ぼくの心をあなたは奪い去った

俺は空洞 でかい空洞


俺は空洞 面白い

バカな子どもが ふざけて駆け抜ける

俺は空洞 でかい空洞

Oh and it ain’t that I was moved by the story. Or anything like that. The lacrimal system simply began to function on its own. It was good.

Love Exposure (directed and written by Sion Sono) puts together a melodramatic piece, double the length of a normal feature-length film, on family, love, religion, and the notion of being a pervert (or, in Japanese, a hentai 「変態」 that is). A highly uncanny film and a slightly erotic and extremely enjoyable one.

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