07 Oct 2018 8min read

The future 「未来です」

No time was wasted. What was destined to be computed has been computed. The future is deterministic in the eye of itself. As a wise antique dealer would tell you, your life might as well have taken the most optimised path in a non-deterministic Turing machine of all life possibilities. What of is the path most optimised in terms? That is the gate to all mystery. Those who seek mystery are forever lost, and so are those who seek the future.



サカナクション / GO TO THE FUTURE (2006)

After an almost endless conversation with the Hover support team, I regained access to my lost domain 0a.io just weeks before it would expire and disappear into the fantasy land of domain merchants. I screwed up and lost the domain last December, after which I founded zer0.degree as I tried to calm the fuck down and stay cool. 0a.io had been like an identity to me. I was devastated. On the other hand it was a wake-up call too. I realised that aside from showing people I go by the email address a@0a.io, there were no other means I could efficiently communicate my coolness in a cool way. I had constantly failed to be the high achiever I wanted to be. All projects I’d started ended up in a failed state. I was never a part of anything remotely groundbreaking. The domain and email address had served as the very foundation of my coolness since I was 17.

When this foundation of coolness collapsed last December, it was also the month my ex decided to dump me, and, just when I thought things couldn’t get any worst, a middle age Englishman researching in developmental psychology who I considered a good friend and had a lot of respect for turned out to be a Machiavellian offering me condolences while passive-aggressively trying to convince me to work for him for free. I grieved for the domain, vowed to forget the girl, and deleted the friendship with the researcher. It was impossible for me to foresee a future 10 months from then when not only would I get back the lost domain, I would be co-founding a start-up that has the potential to become the next big thing in Asia.

All the right pieces are gradually falling into place as they rapidly hot-swap in unfathomable ways. We are as confident we are going to inspire people and positively impact the world as we are skeptical if any of this makes sense. When the fascination for what shall arise has attached itself firmly to the precautionary tales of what shan’t, the prophecies collapse and the Tao remains undefined and truthful to its ontological amusement.

Hence it is said that the future can’t be distinguished from the past.

<awaiting Japanese Translation from the future as I continue to work on my Japanese>

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