Archy Will He
March 28 2018      11min read     

On Co-founding Castella

by archywillhe

Today I was able to have one-to-one conversations with thirty people about Project Castella during Slush Tokyo and observe their reactions (amidst which were angels). In general they were both amused by the little AR demo and the notion of an art rental service that delivers a new physical painting to a subscriber each month. It looks like getting media attention won’t be a problem when we launch our MVP in July. I really hope that everything goes well this round. There had been too many failures prior to this. Too much naiveté. Too many screw-ups. I used to have such a ridiculous ego that I was totally unaware of the importance in leveraging on establishment and institutes. To make it worse I took excessive pride in my anarchistic nature and had irrational beliefs in cat girls and superpowers and Nen. That had costed me a tremendous amount of time and money and I still haven’t gotten far in life.

And then of course there were the missed opportunities. The wrong people. The bad teaming-up. The episodes where nothing happens. And the result was a zero-return in investments. No muse befriends; no invention, no hope. You started to question your sanity and have doubt in yourself. Perhaps you are not as computationally advanced as you thought you were. Perhaps you are simply self-delusional and arrogant. Stop masturbating with start-up ideas and go work in a cooperate environment and climb the ladder and get your arse kicked, kiddo. There is no hope for you and you have wasted all your potential, you degreeless piece of fuck.

You see, this is why I’m currently in a position where I have to do a successful start-up and get myself into the spotlight or I will be damned. There is no going back, especially now that I have put my sister at stake as well. On the bright side dad looks pretty happy that we are walking the path of art dealing just like him and mom is glad too and wants to invest.

And there are myriads of indications that as a start-up we have gotten a pretty good timing both tech and market-wise. Now it all boils down to experimentations and feeding the right blocks into the demand-chain. We are pretty damn sure we’re gonna put up a great show this round.