January 21 2018      5min read     

New Year's Resolution

by Archy Will He

Things seldom go according to plans. Even when they did they turned out in ways never could you have foreseen. Life unfolds itself mysteriously. Practice not-doing, and everything will fall into place. Learn to comprehend so you can attempt uncomprehending afterwards. Let there be nothing so you can amuse yourself with something later on.

After many years without New Year’s resolutions it is only natural to get back to it the same manner a child gets back to his broken toy to remind himself that it once worked - let it be a false memory or not - so he can continue the make-believe. The story. My New Year’s Resolution this year, as ludicrous as it perhaps sounds, is to have a net worth of millions in SGD. Be it just the number for the cap on a SAFE. Matters not. I can worry about the actualisation into real cash afterwards.

I am confident I can pull it off this year for I can feel the Tao is with me. The Tao that can’t be told ☯

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