October 1 2019     

End of Chapter 1

by Archy Will He

At this rate the brain would continue to deteriorate and there will soon be nothing left other than tendencies and memories, and then there will be nothing.

From a formal language point of view, what is the set of features that enables a system to construct expressions with connotations that question the system’s very own existence and the subsequent construction of this very question that questions the very construction per se? Perhaps there exists a set of principles that make possible a class of recursive processes on the semantics itself giving rise to some form of meta-semantics which is circular in nature? In that case, exactly how will this mechanism be implemented in a way that enables the system to halt and construct the expressions as intended(?) rather than going on and on ad infinitum, supposing that intention can be rigorously defined at all? Can it be related to the greatest mystery in this universe often referred to as consciousness? What if the system implements a recursion without base cases? Or is that not at all possible due to its coinductive nature? If the system under the guidance of the consciousness follows this very inductive nature whatever that means and implements an inductive process that gives rise to towels of meta-semantics in a pure and stateless fashion, what is the relationship between that and the act of practicing mindfulness and is it possible for the consciousness to utilize these towels of meta-semantics to adjust the perception of time for it to slow down accordingly?

More curiously, at the face of death will the conscious perception of time slow down factorially as neurons die and synapses break and will such a slow down of time results in an entirely different structure governing the consciousness interpreter giving rise to a different conscious experience and as long as some form of consistency persists then that will be some sort of another life in another world which given the fractal nature of this universe is not at all hard to be implemented if this universe follows a certain implementation whatever that mean and thus never arriving at death for such slow down decelerates and decelerates and it is life-within-life and world-within-world akin to a recursive call that never ends, an infinity embedded within finiteness like the topological nature of a continuous line of finite length containing infinitely many points, or will there be no slow down at all and awaits us all is simply eternal oblivion, the simplest solution of it all?

What is the meaning of all these?

What constitutes meaning really? Feelings and memories?

Perhaps the word meaning is as empty as emptiness is.






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