July 28 2019     

death and ontological amusement

by Archy Will He

future corpses

waking up each day

just so can someday be dead

death is all around us

in every breath we breathe

every emotion we express

in every sense we experience

nerve cells fire and deteriorate and die

neural networks form and deform and dissipate

in every utterance we make

every rhythm we play

every moment we live

in every pain we feel

every joy and sadness and excitement there is

we meet death and dissipate and are replaced by the next frame

how liberating and empowering

the smoothness and elegance in each death

so very beautiful and sad

so much suffering in this world

so many sorrows, so many miseries and pains

at the face of death they dance and play and sing

Consciousness is a continuation of discontinued frames

Time is a topological construct

The present is a clopen set

In a n-dimensional totally disconnected space

recursion is encoded in continuation-passing style[1]

[1]: continuation-passing style (semanticscholar.org)

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