June 17 2015     

Some posts from an old blog

by archywillhe

These were some stuff I wrote roughly two years ago. At that time I was still an overly confident kid just like any other optimistic self-assured adolescents who have not seen the world or experienced anything outside of their comfort zone to realize how unrealistic the assumptions about reality upon many of their beliefs are based, preparing for his univ applications. I’ve changed quite a lot since then; I’m now an overly confident adult.

Mind you, they were pretty badly written. As a redditor would put it, “This guy is an intolerably bad writer, narcissistic and sophomoric and lacking real insights.” And I agreed.

The key here is not hard work, but interest (Jan 2014)

A Mathematical Proof of an Interesting Phenomenon Observed in the Pattern of a set of Progressive 3x3 Matrices (Dec 2013)

Some Seemingly Complex IQ Questions, Their Solutions, and Techniques (Dec 2013)

An interesting experiment I conducted in ACJC. The test subject was a teacher. (Dec 2013)

I have to be more productive (Dec 2013)

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