About 0a.io

0a.io is a blog. Started in 2014.

Info on artworks featured is available on the Artwork Info page. Music I listened to during work available on the Music for Work page.

The current version is handcrafted in Haskell using Hakyll. Source code available on Github.

*Photo Credits:

ian-espinosa-311604-unsplash.jpg by Ian Espinosa

jack-mcgrath-300741-unsplash.jpg by Jack McGrath

irina-568205-unsplash.jpg by Irina

About me

He, Archy Will He (何魏奇).

姓何 (he), 字魏 (will), 号奇 (archy)

Creator of 吖奇说 (ARCHY SHUō)。 Co-founder and CTO of Castella.

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