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  • About me, the sole contributor of 0a
0a is an N dimensional object created by commingling 0s and 1s with unicorn potions that taste nothing like unbrewed wine, and what you are seeing is the cross-section of it at time T. The only cocern here is what's written but not who's visited. And I am the sole contributor of it, Archy Wilhes. Glad to see you here.
School drop-out, app & web developer, codes on a daily basis, part-time writer, bit of a designer, autodidact

Full-time student at home (not planning to go to university)

Current plan: enroll in the CSE graduate program at MIT by 20

Also: maths hobbyist, physics enthusiast, cat lover

Can be reached at Archy@0ar.ch

I'm on StackOverflow and StackExchange.